Friday, June 17, 2011

a couple things

It is FRIDAY! and I've never been excited about Friday because I usually work weekends but... I have tomorrow AND Sunday off. Now before you break out the secret hidden confetti guns these two days off are just a preface to my nine. day. work week. guys... that's a little more than eight days! (if tyler hawx read this blog he would get pun - he is too cool for my blog... and too busy living a... perfectlifeyaknowwhat that is a post for another time called never. but i digress)

and and aaaand I get to see two of my favorite people tomorrow! Sarah (impeccable hippie style, impending wedding, fellow curvy girl) and Katherine (founder of Gathered Heart, whose wedding i still measure all other weddings by, wearer of many cardigans)! We originally planned on ya know being generally awesome and creative but really all our trip boils down to tomorrow is food. El Burrito Loco - i'm getting a GIANT horchata, Jaenicke's - you can't find it any other place than Bourbonnais and it'll make you slap yo momma, Main Dynasty - one word? rangoons. OH and Starbucks. I mean naturally. What's better that? Well if we all lived next to each other... there's that. 
when we get together things like this happen... perfection.
on another note I went out to get a pedicure with my mom tonight and got slightly sidetracked. We went to Culver's (we kind of love that place.) and then the South Suburban Humane Society was holding pet adoptions at GoodSpeed bikes. Well... hmmm puppies + bikes = us immediately pulling over. The bikes had nothing to do with the puppies but it was in their parking lot. And I love GoodSpeed - bunch of tattooed hipster guys who happen to love bikes. uh I think we call that a win.

After the appropriate amount of puppy petting and 'aww'ing we ended up going inside GoodSpeed just to browse the bikes. I'm a fan of bikes and I've had my eye on an Electra Townie for a long time. Recently I've changed my love to an Electra Ticino because I want to eventually use my bike for adventures of the city kind. I showed my mom the Townie and she was kind of nonplussed... then pointed out another bike that was bright turquoise and cream by Trek and... I fell in love! I did! I mean I know it's a bike and the dude working there totally made fun of me but... um... things I don't care about! so... i am kinda half broke but I put money down on this little beauty! (We never did get pedicures.)
Ingrid seems like a perfect name for her. Also, if you didn't know by now I like to name thing. Mostly important purchases (car: Libby iMac: Immi) and/or things I'm extremely fond of (a plush puppy named Blanca from childhood). I can imagine all sorts of fun to be had with Ingrid... city sunshine, night time air, introducing her to the pavement of Chicago, the lakeside and the treelined streets of my tiny town. Eep! She will be mine all mine in a month's time. *sigh* feel free to ogle her goodies. I am.

I have also listened to the entire discography of Ingrid Michaelson in the time I wrote this post (I tend to wander to other pages while I'm writing) and it inspired me to do some new type designs. We'll see how they work out. Should be interesting though! Yay portfolio building!

Have a good weekend, wherever you are - work, home, biking, sleeping, tanning (WHY?!) or eating copious amounts of cake batter ice cream from Coldstone.

p.s. - never underestimate the persuasive powers of Coldstone's cake batter ice cream. It'll seduce you... love you and leave you without a second thought, but you keep going back for MORE.


  1. ingrid = beautiful! love that turquoise color!

  2. Ingrid is perfect <3 I'm quite partial to Imogen too; perhaps it's something about 'i' names! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!




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