Thursday, June 9, 2011


first a retraction. i can't take a break from blogging. there's so much stuff that makes me go "eee!" that i  just have to tell SOMEONE about it.

having said that... i really can't deny that i'm sad. i'm trying to work on it but... i think i hit something deeper that i've not dealt with so...

let's move on...

i kept saying my ikea finds so much that it merged into mykea haha. it works right?! rieeeeght?!

for a place that carries general home furnishings they do it with a good amount of design, style and grace to be honest. they have... like the secret to success. i will totally go back to ikea time and time again. and put together countless things because i know it's good stuff! and it's inexpensive! BRILLIANT!

i think getting a group of friends together and trekking up there in a giant truck (to SCHAUMBURG) would be suuuper fun. thoughts?


  1. Giant truck? Ikea trip? Um, yes. Agreed. Also, MyKea? Brilliant.



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