Monday, June 6, 2011

can dreams come true?

when a randomizer is involved it takes a lot of prayer and an act of God.

one of my five fave bloggers, Jordan Ferney, is giving away a trip to Paris. oh yeah. no big deal just a trip to Paris, all expenses paid, she'll show you around her favorite Parisian haunts and put you up in a swank hotel. Like i said! not even a big deal. no sweat even broken.

I know that a billion other people need this trip more than i do... worn out mothers, just lost their job, haven't had a vacation with their husband since the kids were born... I'm just a young 25 year old worn out from her job and the rest of her life ahead of her but... i want to win. i WANT this trip. I could elaborate but I won't... it would just be a ton of redundancies about, again, how much i want this trip.

But! I think you should enter, too. Because you, like me, need this trip. What if you win?! What if I win?!? What if we collaborate and i end up in your suitcase?!?!?! What if you can just bring me back 100 macarons from Laudure√©? I think that works ok.

But to enter you should totally go here... and then tell me about it so we can just plan imaginary trips to Europe in general. We'll have tea while we chat... be all civilized and whatnot : )

Actually regardless of if any of you win can we just have tea anyway? That sound okay?

*this post is a requirement of entering... but really guys. i want some tea with you. just know that. 

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