Sunday, October 31, 2010

into the thick of it

Before getting started I'd like to let you know that my header is totally a lyric from a Backyardigan's song. I'm not proud of it... I may have stumbled upon it whilst channel surfing one morning and never... turned... away.... OK ok let's get on with it.

a peek if you will...
I've come to a conclusion after 24 years of chick flicks, being the role of "best friend" for as long as I can remember and many many tearful nights over the DUMBEST things. Im gonna let you know that conclusion. It's one you're familiar with already. 

Guys can't be friends with girls. Wait... Scratch that... Reverse it. Girls can't be friends with guys. Here's why! :D!!

Girls can have an entire relationship dreamed up without ever holding hands looking at each other for long periods of time or even SEEING each other. It's cuz an emotional relationship always comes before the physical one. Whereas guys immediately head towards the physical and hit emotions later (maybe). Having only one successful guy relationship and countless failed ones there was one common thread. I knew too much. I knew the person inside and out; what made them tick, what made them laugh EVERYTHING. I'm practically all of Taylor Swift's songs inCLUDING the one where she specifically mentions Abigail - I mean come on!. Then after that emotional connection was made the natural progression was to want a physical relationship. It's natural! Except when you're friends emotional connections are continually made with no resolve. Enter every chick flick where the friend realizes she loves her best guy friend. MMMDUUUUUUH *taps head* duh. 

The guys that you're friends with usually have girlfriends or like YOUR friend. That physical connection is already taken care of which leaves the emotional part for the "bff". Enter the downfall of the female human race that thinks he'll wake up and see. Nay nay fluffy. Nay nay. (sorry Taylor.)

My one successful relationship is with my buddy Josh who is getting married this spring. I know him yet the emotional connection isn't NEARLY as strong as the one he has with his fiancĂ© as God intended. Others I had a connection rivaling their significant others. Seeing a guy in a vulnerable state does something to both parties. It's dangerous territory, vulnerability. Its the fast road for smacking yourself in the head multiple times asking why you let yourself go there at all. First of all can I just say for a guy to look outside his relationship for a connection is ridiculous. For a girl not to recognize is also stupid. I'm a pot. I'm also a kettle. That kettle's black just like that pot haha. Scuse me... African American. Let's keep this pc obviously. 

It doesn't matter who the person is. You could not even be attracted to the person but it doesn't matter! Keep connecting enough and you'll fall for... anyone! Oh dear. Breathe in... exhale... 

Like the other 500 entries in this blog there isn't a point but I'm tired of being intensely wrapped up in a crazy emotional ride ending in heartache all the while masking as a friendship. If this came across as bitter and hateful I didn't mean for it to be I just think people don't know. And if you didn't know now you know. *the more you know music plays* 

Longest PSA ever right? I know! So sorry.  

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