Saturday, October 9, 2010

wading in the kiddie pool

I won't tell you how long it's been since I've actually done some heavy designing but I duo designed last night with a friend and... well there's mixed feelings. I'd love to completely gush about it and say it was amazing and why did I ever stop designing and where did I lose my creativity buuuut... I don't know! It was good! but... like inside I was SHAKING. Why? Maybe I just don't enjoy designing (aka making mistakes/trial&error) in front of someone else? I'm not sure.

The AWESOME thing was... the ideas just flowed! So I'm glad my brain isn't completely dead. That was a relief. My love of it hasn't gone away but my skills though... it's like I'm scared to touch a computer. Again when I'm alone if I don't know something? I'll get it done but just... in my own way. When you're with someone it's like I'm performing. Like I went to create an outline and my fingers hit my usual quick key for it and nothing happened so i freaked and stopped... If I was by myself I'd find that dang answer. I'm actually trying to right now haha.

I like the duo design (great name for a studio O.o??). it was like a brainstorm/creativity/design session all in one. And of course there was goofing around. For a good 15 minutes we just giggled about fonts. You can't do that with everyone haha... not everyone would get the humor in a FONT. But some people do, and those people are awesome - CLEARLY. Pretty sure D'Angelo was mentioned? But that's neither here nor there... details details *waves hand* I hope I keep doing this... I gotta wake myself back up! I've been sleep for too long.

Also Erasure's Always is playing right now in the salon, which makes me think of THIS. I'm peeing my pants I'm laughing so hard.

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