Wednesday, October 13, 2010

life outside the bubble

Let me preface this entry with an explanation. Actually the explanation IS the entry not the preface. Ya know what I'm just gonna keep talking like the previous sentences didn't happen.

I loved Olivet. Like super extra loved it when I was there. Again it was filled with a lot of turmoil, a bunch of growth and more than half of it was band. I probably wouldn't change much except... well i bet you can guess. haha but anyways when I left I pretty much severed the ties that bound me there and moved on with my life. What freaks me out is when people DON'T sever those ties. I don't mean friends - dude I LOVE my Olivet friends. It's hard to explain. Everyone jokes that Olivet is a bubble... BUT IT'S A BUBBLE. When you're there you're like really HAPPY. I don't understand it but you just are... and that's great when you're there but it's not real.

A lot of development is made in college, which is exactly how college is supposed to progress but I swear to bob at Olivet it's different. You develop and then you arrest. It's like it stops. Just. Ceases. I've seen people be sincerely LOST after coming from Olivet because it didn't prepare them not one bit for reality. Awesome enough most of the friends I made happen to be the most grounded people I've ever met and Olivet's happy-go-Jesus-all-day-all-the-time mentality didn't stick. I love the people I met there but when I go back... my skin starts to itch and the walls close in and I have to leave the campus. Not just go outside for fresh air but outside the vicinity of Bourbonnais ITSELF. Cuz it's like a tangible mentality that starts to seep back in! And I remember "Oh hai, Abby, you live in the real world, have an actual job and are paying the loans that kept you here." and I'm literally RUNNING to my car.

I'm not saying that visiting is a bad thing nor am I hating on Olivet because seriously I love it... I'm not defined by it but it is a part of what made me, who I am! But it's weird when people's entire lives are now displaced without it...

this was a weeeird entryyy...

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