Monday, May 31, 2010

visions of sugar plums

I'm excited to bake again! In August! I won't go into what I'm doing at the moment but I really do miss BAKING. Not eating but BAKING. I love to bake and give it away but I'm also a tasting baker - there is always one cookie less than what I give away haha... so I know baking right NOW won't work out at all.

BUT!!! the awesome thing is everyone can look forward to Joy the Baker's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes in August (i know... don't judge... maybe by August people will forget that I'm a complete J the B fanatic and am buying an ice cream maker soon...)

Here's a picture of them from

print it off... put it up on your wall with August post-it noted on there. Stare at it and have dirty baked good fantasies involving flour combining with eggs and confectioner's sugar taking on peanut butter as a lover...

by the way St. Louis was awesome! my friend found her wedding dress and if you've never seen "THE FACE" when you find "THE DRESS" i highly recommend seeing it at least once. it's an affirmation that love exists.

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