Wednesday, May 19, 2010

birthdays, baby burritos & bifurcated nostrils

ADVENTUUUURE! this is what i say when i'm excited about things haha. and it's usually a precursor to a long post. Get ready!

First off. BIRTHDAY. It wasn't really... EVENTFUL but it was probably the best birthday I've had in a long time. Jayme sent me flowers shaped like a cupcake! I cried a little bit haha. My family and I ate at Giordano's (the AWESOME one on Rush) and got the coolest knitting bag EVER. I know... lame! Except it's not - it's frickin' amazing! And you'll want one when I show you. Be prepared for that. AND my seesters got me a Starbucks travel cold cup! It looks like a clear plastic cold cup you get that occasional Venti Caramel Macchiato in... cept YOU DON'T THROW IT AWAY cuz it's a tumbler! mind blown right? Get one!

(sidenote: i am very distracted by Glee by the moment. this is gonna take FOREVER to write)
...annnd we're back! ok WOW Glee was amazing!!!!! ok. now we can move on :0)

After a weekend of sibling bonding through Robin Hood and Starbucks I finally pulled the trigger. GOT MY NOOOSE PIIIIERCED! Story time. So I met my friend Maggie downtown for the pre-scheduled adventure at Argo (um... of course.) where I got a hot Carolina Honey - seriously! so good! I don't even LIKE honey. For real I don't and I'd have 2 more of those right now. Anyway. After stopping there I called Insight to see if the main piercer Bob was there, but he wasn't we had to wait til 3 so we took that opportunity to eat just in case I got a little bit TOO excited annnd fainted. (sounds like me right?) We ended up at Qdoba.

I'd like to use this portion in this story-telling entry to just... advocate for Qdoba. It was probably the best burrito I'VE EVER. HAD. The tortilla this lady pulled out was the size of a BLANKET. I've already decided. I'm going back Friday when I get paid. That's already determined. Oh yes. Getting a burrito the size of a small child and being really REALLY happy about life in general. Go there post haste. It's possible I like it more than Chipotle. I believe you will too. That's all for Qdoba talk... for now...

So I called again and Bob (the piercer) was in so we set out. Then we got turned around cuz we didn't know where the blue line was on Washington. For clarification and future reference it's on Washington and Dearborn. Then we got turned around after coming up on Division. We started out on Milwaukee going the wrong way then turned around and went to Ashland thinking it was Milwaukee (my fault!). We FINALLY got onto Milwaukee going the RIGHT way and made it there. We sat for a couple minutes... no one knew we were there so... that was slightly awkward but once we got the ball rolling it was ok. Cleanest place EVER! It definitely made me more comfortable that everything was clean. The jewelry I wanted was the last one so I had to wait 30 minutes for him to sterilize it BUT he knocked some $ off the price! Good deal I say. :0)

I was nervous. Really. Nervous. I halfway freaked out when he put the cork inside my nose. CORK haha. It did hurt but not that bad. I've had waxings worse than that piercing in reality. I did shed one tear but just out of surprise. He gave us Blow Pop's HAHA. Overall a good experience and I lurve it!!
YAY for adventures!!!!

happy picture time.
Giordano's for my b-day family!
Cupcake flowers nose ring! woo!

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  1. I wanna see a picture of your awesome knitting bag!



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