Monday, May 3, 2010

today's the day

Today is the day I made a baked good FROM SOMEONE THAT'S NOT JOY THE BAKER.

*pause... soak that in...*

It's a new day y'all!

I made these pretty puppies from Shutterbean. My friend Maggie also made them... I'm hoping she'll take pictures, too, and certainly outshine me. She's a photographer. You should hire her for things... I would hire her to follow me around and take pictures of my life all day but... I want to keep her as a friend. ok let's move on. No but for real do it. ANYWAYS.
(Editors note: Maggie DEFINITELY outshone me... sheesh. haha)

Mortar & PestleEarl Grey tea leaves
orange zest/microplaneearl grey tea cookies
earl grey tea cookiesearl grey tea cookies

These were extra super good. The tea enhances the buttery salty factor and gives it more crunch. I almost ate the dough... but the end result was definitely worth it. I had to wait through all of work to eat them and I think that's what got me through today haha. That's not pathetic at all so uh quit thinking that. Thankssss.

p.s. I had a old African guy call me beautiful today at work... right before his equally old friend yelled at me for going too slowly. *insert Facts of Life theme song here*
p.p.s saw an EXACT look alike of Morris Chestnut at work too today. Stopped dead in my tracks MOUTH OPEN. I'm trying to sport that as an actual look now. O o O...

oh! (geeze will i ever end this!?) and listen to this. It'll brighten your life a little bit :0)


  1. Those look tasty!
    Question from your loyal reader:
    Isn't it expensive to bake all those goodies? I am super broke and would LOVE to experiment and bake things, but I feel like a lot of recipes calls for a ton of then I end up just baking brownies.

  2. zomg stop calling yourself loyal reader! buut as it turns out... my mom has most of the ingredients for 90% of what i make. she enjoys buying obscure ingredients like dutch processed cocoa and wheat AND soy flour.

    i never understand it but when i can make things like Raspberry Lime Granita without having to leave the house? i kind of LOVE IT. *note to self* make raspberry lime granita...



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