Sunday, May 23, 2010

hi-lights: enlightener + 20vol

If you're a stylist, you just understood what I put for my title. If you're not... consult your stylist.

This is just some hi-lights from OTHER work today (let me preface this by stating I'm not sure why I'm awake.):

  • a man asked if I was in high school today. then asked what my degree was... and thought I said Traffic Design *daydreams* ...mmm traffic typography...
  • some co-workers and I were talking about our lack of social life. a co-worker says to me, "oh, but you're under 21 right?" I responded, "I'm 24..." response?? "...oh wow....." HAH day maker
  • a lady who looked EXACTLY like this lady thanked me for being the same race she was. i... *shrugs* hey... I mean I enjoy it why can't other people? haha
  • I helped an 80 year old man send an email from iPhoto to a colleague. He called me a genius and a peach and wished me luck in my future career as a graphic designer. I wanted to take him home but they told us in training specifically not to kidnap customers... maybe... it's all fuzzy now.
Oh and member that one time I had a nose ring? It's gone now. Just... came out of my nose. Plain and simple. No fuss. No fireworks. *sniffle* my nose cries every day now. Getting it re-pierced in 3 weeks. 

Why AM I awake? I'm so tired I could eat a horse. g'night!

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  1. uggghhh it's my life and still when i see something with 20 volume i have to click and find out what it is! thanks! really, thanks!

    p.s. loved ur whole outfit today! super cute!



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