Saturday, September 5, 2009



they don't FIT.

they're in the MAIL... :(

ok i just wanted to keep in tune with my other entry about them... but anyway yeah 'member how my feet are horrible? i think i actually wear a size 8... but i have a heel that's two sizes long. no joke. and my instep is as thick as a normal persons... CALF. the combination of having hobbit feet (sans the hair) makes for interesting shoe fitting. so all this to say... i couldn't get the dang shoes on yesterday! i waited... stuck my feet in the air cuz according to my mom 'you've been on your feet all day. wait til the morning.' um. no! i got one joker on... and then the other one... and my feet proceeded to tingle haha. i have room in the toe... room in the heel (my fingers are now bruised from getting the heel to go in - 2 size heel. seriously.) but my instep was so TIGHT and i thought it was gonna cut my feet off. so i'm sending off for the next size up... which is the biggest women size they have. *rolls eyes* bah.

i need a Cash for Clunkers program for my gas guzzlin' low down no good wide feet of mine!

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