Thursday, September 3, 2009

say you'll come in soon

was anyone up and about at 6 am this morning? I was and the rolling fog was beautiful. I didn't have a camera but if I can describe the ride home it was... 3 ft of road, white nothingness and a hazy sun. It was like a white out without the snow. It was awesome... and kinda scary when the cars disappeared into the misty mist. (that made me think of Mr. Misty haha)

I don't know why I've been on a stuff kick lately. this is just a random list of stuff this season I think are cool. I always think it's wrong to ask God for the things you want like... a puppy or a bike but really? He wants those things for you! He knows what you want. This is not a resounding endorsement for, "Take all you want and want all you take!" but I think it's ok to like nice things. God calls the flowers more arrayed than most so why can't I be arrayed splendidly as well? haha it's not that important in reality haha but here it is anyways :0)

top to bottom:
TOMS - I may not ever get enough of these - these are Men's Midnight Blue Leaves. my spending logic will always be justified by the fact that i am actually helping children... which is great for the children... and bad for my newly messed up spending logic and bank account.
A Maltese-Poodle mix - otherwise, more famously, known as a Maltipoo, which I can never say with a straight face (can ya really say anything with poo in the name without laughing? poo.). I can forgive the name because he's JUST SO CUTE. His name is Patches... he is a ham and i want him.
A Burberry Tiered Trench in white - classic. It will never go out of style... it's an investment though. a twelve hundred dollar... INVESTMENT. or sacrificial investment.
Emu "Hip" - They're not Uggs! (commence the rejoicing) plus they're cute and I can get my feet into them! sidenote - boots without zippers (whatever! boots WITH zippers) don't like me
The Townie Original 7D - isn't it pretty? can't you see yourself riding one with a basket of flowers and/or groceries from, say, Whole Foods in the front?? Or for general downtown lakeside leisurely adventures? I know I do. Exercise meets vintage style. meets AWESOME.

there ya have it. abby's list of RANDOM. it might roll back into town one day... it might not... like the parking lot circus... you think you know when it's comin but every year you're WRONG...

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