Wednesday, August 12, 2009

always the first star that i find

I'm looking for the perfect blog name. A name that will take me into the future (ya know... not til 80 but... 24 lol). I'm wondering how people come up with their awesome blog names. Blog Con Queso. Snippet & Ink. Oh Happy Day. Halfmama. A Room Somewhere.

Some people (namely, katherine) can come up with awesome names on the spot while I am a ruminator. THE ruminator. The indecisive ruminationator. I think what makes a name stick is the confidence behind it. I'm sure when Presto Bingo started people were like... 'ummm...' but they just stuck with it... backed it up with a good design or something.

So I'm running through the rolodex in my mind to find my favorite quote from anything. My family quotes movies. It's what we do... it's how we communicate most times.
My conversation is made up of
40% The Grinch (the new 2000 one)
20% You've Got Mail
20% a mixture of african american movies - coming to america, brown sugar, two can play that game, most of the madea movies... YES.
5% Scrubs (not a movie but... once a musical episode!)
5% Moonstruck
5% Bolt (a seriously funny movie!)
4% She's the Man (oh. my. gosh. <3)
1% Wall-E (mainly, 'ta-da!')

As you can see I'm a special case and I think this works for me! So alls I gotta DO is find something that people... don't necessarily have to relate to but it fits! ya know?! I don't know if I'll ask for help (though it is TOTALLY welcome) because you helped with the shoe decision - TOMS! just got wait for them to be in STOCK. they're popular! and they almost sound cooler than Chucks.
"Those YOUR TOMS?" *looks down in admiration* "oh yeah... AND i helped... THE WORLD."
i mean you're virtually Brangelina.

The Adventurous Me. wasn't workin. so the title of the blog may change a few times in my search. as my mom says, "I gotta live with it for a while." the current one is from You've Got Mail:
Joe Fox - "Sorry... It wasn't personal..."
Kathleen Kelly - "I know it wasn't... but what is so WRONG with being personal??? I mean if anything it oughtta beGIN by being personal."
it's the part where she has a cold and when she says 'personal' it sounds like 'persidal'. I thought about Being Persidal haha... which I like, if I do say so myself. If Darly Bird can do it... why can't I?

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