Saturday, August 22, 2009

here's a riddle for you. find the answer.

SOCIAL WEEK. (remember how to say it. always remember.)

Wednesday and Thursday I stayed downtown at Anisha's super swank downtown apartment. OK i'm embelleshing a little because it's more south SOUTH Michigan but to me it's still super SWANK. we went to Food Life, Argo, H&M and Filene's by default. it were raining. it was next door to H&M.

we also saw 500 Days of Summer. lurved it. lurved the music. sang along. i'm slowly becoming my mother... don't mock. I enjoyed spending time with her... I really don't talk much! she kept asking what was going thru my head at THAT EXACT MOMENT. usually it's a song but usually it's some irrelevant thought like, "I wonder what other people see when they look in the mirror." or i'm off somewhere dreaming of super swank apartments that i may own one day.

it was a nice social week. friday i had lunch with a friend at a restaurant below my apartment, where they have the best New Orleans pasta evers. haha according to her, "It has the perfect amount of kick. not too hot." and according to me, "well... for black people..." haha

I've decided not to do anymore extraneous spending. like 1 per payday. i have to save for car stuffs? and i can't DO that if i keep... spending all my money haha. this time it's TOMS shoes. I'm hoping the Poe's last til friday otherwise I'm getting the Heller/peace ones. and next time it's Immi & Ingrid (really good names for the cutest puppies ever or cats) and then... nothing haha til Christmas which i'll be MAKING - SLAM!

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