Thursday, February 7, 2013

SLW: Single Lady Thursday

Yesterday's usual day off found me working til 4 this morning (yipes) so I decided to move SLW to today... to the chagrin of some readers. But I'm here! I had the full intention of adventuring it up downtown to get a few LUSH products that I really can't live without (who thought I would be that girl) and some loose leaf tea from Argo. But it was not to be borne. The credit card machines were down, which meant skipping this train, getting cash, catching the next train and wasting my entire day. The long short of it means I'll be heading to Oakbrook after work. The things I do for LUSH. They keep me smelling like... incense according to my dude coworkers. I'll take it.

It's a 2:30 cups of coffee, cheesecake brownie eating, no pants wearing kind of day today instead of traipsing around my favorite city but I'll take this chance for my body to rest. and a chance to eat too many cheesecake brownies on purpose. It's also my cousins birthday today... he would have been 24. I'm still dealing with the grief daily. I miss you, Kaleb. I'm appreciating the slow down to thank God for my life and miss one that left too soon.

Back to my coffee and cooking shows - it's almost Ina Garten hour. And Ina Garten hour is SACRED and MANDATORY. Just like a Liz Lemon party. Is it bad that I already miss 30Rock?! *moment of silence*

If you were here with me I'd air kiss you on both cheeks and send you off with a brownie but for now I'll just wish you a happy Thursday.

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  1. Happy Thursday, Abby! It looks like you did have that afternoon coffee, I see ;) Glad you had some time to relax after staying out late for work.



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