Monday, February 25, 2013

Introduction to a Monday Morning

Approach it slowly and cautiously, Mondays don't like to be surprised. Wake up and reflect on how Monday's sunlight filters through your curtains. Rise earlier than normal so you can stretch each limb while still in bed, try to wiggle each toe in succession, blink the sleep out of your eyes good and well before resting your feet on the floor. Stand in a hot shower on Monday. Lean your head this way... and then that way letting the hot water coax your muscles awake. Let the room fill with steam, fostering those good shower ideas before you head off to work. 

Monday loves breakfast and a proper start to the week. It wants brain food - warm oatmeal with brown sugar, a bowl of rice and eggs, a pot of brewed coffee and cream. Cereal is for Tuesday, when you're in a rush. Save a quiet moment for Monday morning before you shrug on your coat and out into the world. You'll thank yourself later.

Once you hit the pavement, don't look back. Run headlong into the week armed with renewed energy. Make the rest of the day count, having properly introduced yourself to the beginning of the week. 

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