Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SLW: giving love

This is the first Single Lady Wednesday post where I get actually share my thoughts on single people and Valentine's Day. Oh man... the air is CRACKLING with energy right now, there's too many possibilities. I always have a good rant built up inside of me reserved for the over sharers, the desperate, the PDA-ers... but this month in general has been a contemplative one. I'm forgoing lists for a while as they get too predictable and I want to get back to sharing thoughts with you guys for both randomness and posterity's sake.

How about we do something this Valentine's Day... first let's stop calling it V-Day. *scrunches nose* I just... please stop? There's too many variations on what that could mean besides v... and my brain will immediately travel simultaneously to "vasectomy", "virgin", and "VD day." There. I said it. VD.

Let's also make sure the people in our lives get love. Doesn't matter who it is, if you're with someone or not - if you love someone you should show that you do.

Everyone gets all panty scrunched when Valentine's Day comes around because it's MASSIVELY commercialized into the one day that you get a chance to redeem yourself for being a butt hole the OTHER 364 days. And it is! It's so real. But why not use it to your advantage to show a little EXTRA love on this day.

For the single people you should shower love on your mom. She is AMAZING. And puts up with all your (my) whining and deserves some roses and a massage. Don't wait til May for that! Shower love on your kids with a special treat. Married folks can do the same... there's more than just you 2 in the world on Valentine's Day.

I was prepared to rant - but I did that REAL well last week. There's gotta be a balance. I plan on spending my Valentine's Day working for 13 hours... but I'll be wearing red lipgloss for it. Maybe I'll buy MYSELF some roses.

Happy Valentine's Day my loves!!

and as always,


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  1. This made me warm and tingly inside... I like... no I LOVE this side of you. You are something special. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but will be sending you warm wishes from the other side of the border! <3 x



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