Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer sickness

What is it about summer that makes the worst colds descend on you? I'm out sick today with swollen glands and a voice that apparently sounds like I'm on helium according to my co-workers. It is definitely NOT a sexy cold voice. But it makes no sense at least to me... If I'm gonna HAVE a cold I kind of want it to BE cold outside. It's only a balmy 105 here in Flossmoor and that is STUPID.

So I might have done a couple things. The first thing was... put on a flowy maxi skirt and a striped t-shirt to go to the store... and no underwear. Has anyone else done this when running to the store? I mean I was gonna be out for approximately 15 minutes and that skirt might be the one thing I'm going to live in ALL SUMMER soooo I feel no shame. The second thing was buy Snickers ice cream bars unabashedly. I never buy them! Ever! So what better time to get them when sick?! And they were on sale! Imagine if I were sick... and had to buy them... and they WEREN'T on sale!

My logic is clearly sound here. Not clouded at all by swollen glands & swollen nasal passages... and Sudafed Severe Cold & Sinus which seems to be... a very potent formula as I am now drowsy.

Stay cool today! It is seriously so hot it's beyond sense. What a good excuse to buy Snickers ice cream bars!!

1 comment:

  1. OMG those are the best! Totally acceptable. And the underwear thing? I do that a lot. No one knows, so it's all good. ;)



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