Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SLW: sweet 16

Yesterday my only niece, Autumn, turned 16. It's crazy because her mom, myself and Autumn are all pretty much exactly 10 years apart. It's cray cray sauce. My mom... cried like a small child of course but we all felt the love.

Autumn came into the world gangly and awkward and wanting to eat. As a baby, whenever I would give her a kiss she would suck on my lips. I just considered it bonding time... She grew up around her mom, myself and my mom and quickly developed a sense of maturity beyond her years, which makes it hard to make friends who have the mental capacity of a rock. It's also known as high school girls.

Now I get to pass down the sage advice I wish I knew at 16... haha. not really. just some anecdotes for living life well from one single lady to another. I love you more than all of my Sharpies combined, niecesters!

Advice I wish I could tell my 16 year old self... and my 16 year old niece.

1. It really ISN'T that big of a deal at the end of the day. Just remember that. It's not that big of a deal. Apply to all areas of life.

2. That boy you like? Will either turn out to go nowhere in life, or be really successful later in life. So what I'm saying is WAIT to see if he's a complete dud before you go off the deep end for a dude who ends up working at movie theatre for the rest of his life (hey guys! real life story here.)

3. All the cool things you wanna do like learn to play guitar while sky diving off the coast of California? You should do that. For reals.

4. Do you have a dream college? The college that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm and happy? APPLY THERE. Don't think that it's out of your reach - it may be your perfect place! APPLY. APPLYYYYHYYYY

5. Trust in God. Forever and ever and ever. Coming of age means coming into independence you didn't know you had. Also, you are not meant to carry every burden alone. Just trust in God. Remind yourself of this daily.

6. Listen to your mother. It has to be said. Just cuz you're 16 doesn't discount the wisdom of a mom. For what it's worth listen to your brother too. He'll end up being your best friend. Siblings just want to be heard... however loud and obnoxious...

7. And now for the cliche clinchers that are totally real... REACH FOR THE SKY! NEVER STOP DREAMING! NEVER BE AFRAID TO CRY! CARTWHEELS IN THE GRASS! and all that... they're true though. they're good principles to live by. ESPECIALLY cartwheels in the grass. It'll get you through college.


  1. #6 is so true... I didn't start listening to my mother (or I didn't realize she was always right) until my 20s. Moms lay down a lot of wisdom. Mhmm.

  2. #2- the boys I died over in high school? One was bald at 19, one lives with his mom and is still in community college at age 25 and the last one?? A raging alcoholic.

    Proven fact: 16 year olds know nothing about relationships, just wait til you're older and people aren't quite as stupid.



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