Friday, December 3, 2010

rhode island or bust!

yeah right now i think i'm at the 'bust' part haha. things never go according to plan and after my savings have actually gone DOWN instead of UP i think i need to reshift my focus. I want a MacBook Air haha. I want it to be my supplemental design computer. Pretty much the internet. iPhoto. iChat. and Adobe Creative Suite. That is it. So I believe I'll be saving up for that and looking to 2012 for Rhode Island. I'm not happy about this... haha... but I probably need a better plan in place. Plus pretty much 2 years is a good long time to save. AND that way I can freakin KNIT up til that time! GEEEEZE knitting takes a long time GEEEEEEZE. but i love it haha...

Gonna go ahead and take down my banner for now *sniffle!* and make a pretty one all about fonts and giggling. or something like that you know me...

for now i'm still Abby : )... secretly 5 years old. and awesome. i squeak. i do, there are squeaks that come out of me. it's EPIC.

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