Thursday, December 16, 2010

best of both worlds

No, this post has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus her alter ego Hannah Montana or her OTHER alter ego "hey I'm a skank!" so don't worry.

I've been posting pictures of my knits and baked goods all day on Instagram (my new favorite app for iPhone) and I was just called a homemaking hero, which makes me blush and laugh. I consider myself a strong, independent woman and artist who doesn't need a guy. I still think boys are still kind of icky and take too much of my time to be honest. I'd like to marry one someday but I am definitely not there yet. But I also am cultivating this STRONG love for knitting and baking at the same time. I am digging my toes into the domestic sand so to speak and am really loving it.

It almost seems like a contradiction, though! On the one hand I love the fact that I'm not defined by this domesticity and on the other I love that I'm GOOD at being a homemaker. I have a firm belief I will be an EPIC wife - I put babies to sleep while changing their diapers! COME ON! - but I also know I won't lose my identity when I do decide to settle down, get married and have a bajillion babies. Did I tell you I want a billion kids? I do. They're gonna dress themselves. I've already decided. They're also gonna be best friends with Kate's (coworker who doesn't have kids yet but will have AMAZING ones) kids. Just sayin.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed by the fact that I knit and bake so avidly. I mean really what 24 year old WANTS to stay home and temper chocolate? Who gets excited about mastering thumb gussets on a handwarmer? That's just the type of person I am. I'd rather feed my friends than go out to a club with them. and my knitted stuff is... well it's amazing. so there. I also don't think it's that wrong to know how to prepare a meal well, sew a button and hem pants. I dream of mixers, so what?! I also deeply love art & design, being a hipster in general and can throw a MEAN left hook (don't make me go there). I think it's just how God made me. I kind of freaking love it.

If I ever rename this blog I think it'll be The Feminist Homemaker HAH!!


  1. Now, you really want your theoretical children exposed to the stupidity that has become the Goselin family?

    And who said you can't find a man whilst being a domestic goddess?

  2. Love this Abby! love it! I'm the same way, although I'm obviously married, but I never did any of this homemaking stuff before! And now I love love love couponing, cooking, baking, wishing I could sew and knit and can foods and all I really want for Christmas/birthday/any present is a Kitchen Aid mixer, deep freezer and possibly a grain mill to grind my own flour! ha!

  3. @renee - Kate is a coworker of mine and is of no relation or lack of brain waves like Miss Gosselin. Thank God. And the reason I can't find a man... whole other series of entries. ; ) hope you and your new little one are doing well!

    @Katie!- I love your blog and your amazing eating plans! And that applesauce you make looks SO GOOD. lol the league of epic wives (er... and future wives) grinding your own flour?! Can't. Wrap. Brain. Around!



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