Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So the new year is coming up and my resolution is the same. every. year. Love God more! Lose weight more! Love me more! Hug some trees more! Pretty much just get off my lazy bum and BE more. and every mmm February 3rd I'm like... yeah... i... the end. HAHA

Well I kinda wanna get a head start right now and a name for what I am gonna do popped into my head - Change1. My downfall is I go from eating junk food and giant Coke's to keep myself awake to *WHAM!* eating 1 leaf of lettuce a day and hating life itself in a few short weeks. I'm going to change ONE thing. ONE. Not a multitude of things not even 2 things. ONE. and then once that thing is good I will add in another thing until i change my whole lifestyle of eating and exercise. Confused? Psh... it's not confusing!

I'm starting with pop. I was doing REALLY well NOT drinking pop until I joined visual overnight and pop became my BEST FRIEND. And McDonald's also having the fizziest tastiest coke for the low low price of only 1 dollar?! Really did me in. I mean it did me IN. For most people if they cut out sugar it's like the heavens open up and things are better! So I'm not cutting out sugar because I am a baker and that is currently a good portion of everything I eat. I'm cutting down pop to 1 meal. I really can't go cold turkey on this I'm setting myself up for failure. Weight loss is a slow process... it's also a process I can't finish without God so... I gotta work on that. A lot.

Once pop is completely gone - and I haven't gone too overboard on the coffee - and water is my bff then the rest comes... slowly but surely everything else does. Change one thing at a time. Focus on ONE thing at a time. I'm also not aiming for ultimate skinniness either... I used to but *rolls eyes* again it's too much to think of at once and I'm setting myself up for failure. I wanna go down one size : ) and then another. and then I'm going to stop. 2. that's it. then... maybe i'll lose two more later on but who really knows. 2! that's all! I like this! I like it already!

I used to hate resolutions because they always lead to NOTHING but... if I stop trying then I'm really screwed right? Most people are amazing starters and horrible finishers. I wanna be the person that finishes something. I will be the person that finishes something. 1 thing at a time.

and then I'm going to join a dance class.... did you hear that gong sound that just went off... i think that was the world going, "WHAAAA?!" i know right. we'll talk about that LATER. : )


  1. abby-
    i like your resolution. small changes are the best way to go. they almost always last longer than dramatic ones.
    i want to learn to knit amazing things like you...but i always get halfway through and quit. maybe this should be my resolution? maybe we could help eachother out? eh? eh? :)

  2. um i love this proposition!!! A LOT! haha i'm pretty sure i need a nutritionist... dietician... person of awesome. : ) and i can teach you to knit!

  3. it's a deal then! when do we start?! have i mentioned i am very bad at knitting?!

  4. haha it's ok! i'm very patient. i'd also like to start like now haha. and how the heck do i teach you? video blogs?? : )

  5. yeah, that will be tricky! but we can exchange emails (mine is on my FB page) if you're serious about nutrition stuff. :)



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