Sunday, November 14, 2010

what to do when your iPhone is found after being stolen

an ode. in bullet points. by the way this is gonna be long. i have other things to say.

  • you scream
  • you freak out
  • you scream some more
  • you stare at it
  • you scream
  • you turn it on and realize that *first and last name omitted* has restored it into his iPod
  • you laugh when you realize his iPod is filled with typical black folks music like Yolanda Adams, Chico Debarge, Trey Songz and not 1 but 2 of Fantasia's albums - yeah. that happened.
  • You immediately take Maxwell, Jennifer Hudson and Sade's new album off the phone and put it into your library - thanks. : )
  • You still want to punch a highschooler turned thief in the face AND pimp slap him with your ring hand (the right one)
  • You search the rest of the phone and find the love note to Gabrielle in Notes. 
  • You laugh hysterically
  • you scream.
  • You THANK. GOD. that your phone is back
  • No really. Thank you, God. 
  • you restore the phone. you RESTORE the phone. pray over the phone. erase the porn off the phone. RESTORE. THE. PHONE.
  • you tear up when mobileme is added back and your beacon noise plays 
  • you contact iTunes about the songs you lost - you rejoice when they do! (it was only 2... thanks iTunes mystery people!)... (but seriously have you ever SEEN a person that works at iTunes?! They're like magical music robots!)
  • you track it with MobileMe... just so it can tell you it's in your house : )
  • you scream before during and after tracking
  • you pat your pants pocket often to remember it's there
  • there's a lot of excited squeaks
  • you toggle between apps and text everyone you know. know why?! CUZ YOU CAN!
  • Angry Birds Halloween?! STILL IN THE APP STORE! YAAAAY!
  • you scream. *squeak* scream.
I'm beyond happy. : ) I'm baking for the people that helped. Police station. Managers. Errrbody. 

Anyways I want to mention something completely unrelated. I was talking to a.favorite earlier about how his wife's hair color is like awesome and his response was, "I like it too. She's beautiful." and it just made me... completely melt inside because that kind of love is sincere and genuine. And it gives me hope for someday. Whenever that is... anyway back to phone happiness. HOORAAAY : ) 


  1. I seriously do not know what I'd do without my iPhone. But...I have a husband who knows more about Apple products than those that work for the Apple Stores (and, in some cases, those that work for Apple itself) so he'd be able to restore everything *if* I had to capitulate and buy a new one.

    But, thank God you got yours back!

  2. Lol I DO work for Apple so it worked out haha. Thanks for the sentiments I'm beyond excited!!



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