Friday, April 30, 2010

this post might not make sense

I'm basically catching the 5 (woo! 5!) of you that read this up on life in general. Is it weird that every time I say general it's in spanish with a soft 'g'?

OK so observation: everyone and their mother has gotten engaged in the past month and a half. For the record none of the mothers I know has gotten engaged lately but just sayin. I'm also seriously considering making a, "Hey thanks for not inviting me to your wedding even though I probably wouldn't have been able to make it," card. It'll be along the lines of this. OO! but new neeews! I'm m.o.h in a wedding!! That has inspired me to look my best by next April. Watch for that... for now I'll say no more.

I have 2 jorbs! I LURVE IT! It wipes me OUT though haha. There's a lot happening with both and to write it would... be a novel no one would read.

Well onto my spiritual stuckness, which I said I would talk about... yaaay. Well, I figured out some things a while ago and then I didn't do anything, but I figured out the actual NAME of where I am right now. Apathy! I shout that out like it's the best word in the english language. No. No, no. Make no mistake this stage of apathy is um... a) stupid and b) really DUMB. But after the bright lights and awesomeness of being completely and totally on fire for God wears off then it's a choice you make. A daily choice and discipline of, 'who you livin' for?' I ALSO figured out that surrendering is not a one time, "Hey i surrender!...awesome... i did it... woo!" again it's a DAILY choice... for the rest of your life, which seems daunting but everyday we're livin' for SOMETHING. Living for the weekend, to get off work, to find that guy/girl, get some clothes, so choose to live for Christ! It's so easy! And... I'm... still here. So pray :0)  *exhales* moving on...

It's hard to really say anything after saying THAT but! Is anyone else really excited for the Cooking Channel to premier?! I know right! I feel like it's the best of Food Network and PBS cooking shows (they hold a special place in my heart) combined. Good things will come from this channel. Speaking of cooking my mom bought whole milk instead of skim (the colored tops really mess with the mind!) and it's got me in a baking mood. I need to bake before my birthday (*checks watch* my grandma should be callin' really soon!). Suggestions? Give up now and go straight to Joy the Baker? Eeeexactly.

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