Wednesday, March 10, 2010

happy birthday???

My family has the eerie ability to have birthdays 2 days apart from each other. Rissa and Randa (today and the 12th), my mom and my brother (the 17th and the 19th) and my sister and me (May 12th and 14th). RIGHT?! CRRRREEEP.YYYYYYY!!!

Subsequently my grandmother ends up calling me on my sister's birthday, my brother on my mother's birthday and don't get me started on the beginning of March. My cousin's birthdays are the 9th, 10th and 12th. She just calls all three people the entire week just to make sure she hasn't missed anyone. It's now a ritual we look forward to every year.

May 12th
G-Ma: Haaappy biiiirthdaaay toooo yooou
Me: Grandma it's Sammi's birthday *starts to hang up*
G-Ma: *fading* ooookaaaay...

May 13th
G-Ma: Haaappy biiiirthdaaay toooo yoooou!
Me: Grandma my birthday is tomorrow *starts to hang up*
G-Ma: *fading* ooookaaaaay...

May 15th
G-Ma: Haaaappy biiirthdaaay toooo yooou!!
Me: Grandma! My birthday was YESTERDAY. *starts to hang up*
G-Ma: *fading* neeext yeaaaar...

HA! I don't want it to seem like my grandma is senile (she cheats at cards... definitely still got all the marbles) or that I hate when she calls on the wrong day - I don't haha it just happens every year. That was just a small summary of 23 years of phone calls all from my awesome grandma.

This year I'm getting my nose pierced on my birthday! It's gonna be awesome. I will have to figure out how to tell Autumn that while her cool, artsy aunt has her nose pierced NO SHE CANNOT GET ONE. Yeesh. Being a role model is buh-freaking-TIRING. ;0)

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