Friday, April 2, 2010

not really a point

There has never really been a point to ANYTHING I post but here I feel it's necessary to document for posterity. I lurve posterity.

This morning's conversation with my mom:
Me: *sleeeeeep in the wee hours o'the morning*
Mom: *opens bedroom door* Abby. Abby... Abby! Abby...
Me: *wakes up IMMEDIATELY freaked out that I overslept and look at the clock - it's 6:36AM* What?! what! what?!?
Mom: Aren't you working today?
Me: *groggily* Yes...
Mom: Aren't you taking your car in too?
Me: *slightly more mad, groggily* yes....
Mom: It's 7 o'clock why aren't you UP yet?!
Me: *looks at the clock... looks at my mom... looks at the clock... looks at my mom* It's 6:36!!
Mom: *pause.......* It's 6:36 WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?!
Me: *pause.....* WHAT?!?!?!?!
Mom: sorrryyyyyy.
Me: *sleeps for 8 minutes then wakes up for the day WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO at 6:45AM*

absolutely RIDONK.

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