Monday, March 22, 2010

JOYous occasions

Today I made these from Joy the Baker for my friend named Joy. It just worked out like that. You can't stop some things in life especially when they're awesome like THAT. I've also figured out I've made 7 things from Joy's site. SEVEN. I know there are so many other food blogs out there... but hers is so SIMPLE and funny that I can't even stop my fingers from traveling in her links direction. My fingers know quality when they see it. I'm on a quest to bake something from SOMEONE ELSE'S SITE so if on the off chance J the B herself travels over here she doesn't think I'm a) a filthy, low-down, dirty moocher of baked goods or b) downright, flat out creepy. I'm neither for the record. Just know.

So the dough was kinda crumbly but my shortbread/butter cookie dough always is... we just have a weird relationship, like I'm not yet worthy to make a butter cookie dough that DOESN'T crumble. It always turns out delicious though. So I guess it's more of a silent agreement between the baking angel and I. These are SERIOUSLY good! Train your fingers to go on over to Joy's site and bake these TODAY. ("Let's rock, let's rock, today.")

Salted Chocolate & Vanilla Bean CookiesSalted Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Cookies
Salted Chocolate & Vanilla Bean CookiesSalted Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Cookies

I used Alice in Wonderland inspired tags for her cookies and coffee card, except nothing but good things will happen when you eat these. No growing or shrinking in houses and rabbit holes. Much safer I think.

I also decided if I ever opened a bakery it'd be called Messy Shirt Bakery. There was a point last night when there was more flour on my shirt than in the bowl. There's a problem with that.
Would you come to Messy Shirt Bakery? No shirt? That's ok I got a messy one for you to put on. We'll serve you now.

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