Tuesday, March 2, 2010

get the cool shoe shine

I just wanted to show you these:
Raspberry Truffle Wristwarmers Raspberry Truffle Wristwarmers
My sister made them! Don't they look like the best ice cream EVER... uh... on your hands? Blueberry Cobbler - whaaaat?!

OK i also had to tell you a story. Yesterday morning I woke up and decided I needed an ice cream sundae. And I made one - it was extra tasty for 9 am. Then I had a bite of a cinnamon roll haha and fell into a sugar induced little nap. It was actually pretty awesome. After I woke up the second time I called my mom and told her what I had for breakfast and was like, "Isn't that nuts? I'm so weird." She responds, "Noooot really..." and goes into this story about when I was 4, after dropping my brothers and sisters off at school we went to eat cuz we ran out of the house without eating. Apparently I was in my pajamas... no time for that either - fantastic haha. But I ordered a sundae... then ordered a hamburger and thought it was perfectly normal - and I guess my mom did, too, cuz she let me eat it haha.

So, YES, I AM weird, but somehow this weirdness is normal for me. Does that make sense? I know... I'm out of the box, but that's like 26% of why people like me.

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