Thursday, February 4, 2010

progression of a city

So I was introduced again to an AWESOME blog called Color Me Katie. She does a lot of paper art. She watches Spongebob. She works for Improv Everywhere. She has a flying cat. I'd like to be her B.F.F. for serious.

Because of her super papering abilities it inspired me to get all construction paper crafty myself. Currently the Chicago skyline is staring at me. I'm trying to decide if I want to add a sunset (as usual) or just change it when the weather changes. Wouldn't that be awesome? I also don't want my room to look junky so I'm gonna have to keep it super clean so I can dress the walls with funness.

 skyline 1skyline 2skyline 3skyline 4it's done!!! :0)

Oh and just to let you know, the Sears tower is thinking about its love affair with wind. It just loves it. They are in love.

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