Wednesday, October 28, 2009

beware! longest entry EVERS.

My other life in the city: day 2

So I ended up staying the night with Anisha. I sat in the library with her for 7 hours while she worked/studied. I totally watched 3 straight hours of Ugly Betty and knitted, while the rest of the students in the library were like... threatening to kill me as they FREAKED OUT about an exam. I felt bad. I should have made a sign hanging from my back that said I DON'T GO HERE! and I probably would have gotten along better with everyone.

We ran back in the rain to her apt and I FINALLY... FINALLYYYYYYYY got to eat Indian food. I have known anisha for 9 years and NOT ONCE have I had even a morsel of Indian food. Ya JERK! But I had, um, I think they're called kotlets and samosas. Both were REALLY good and now I'm pretty sure I need more.

I helped her out with studying. I know a LOT about saccades, foveas, retinas, eye sphincters, eye rectums, pulses, step cells and even some diseases! Anisha told me I'm taking her test next time. My brain's a little weird. It'll retain information then lose it ALL after a time period. It's no good! That's why I can't ever remember any artist's names or works. I have a sensory memory. I can remember sounds, smells, tastes and sight but canNOT for the life of me recall the name haha. I could probably help out with the parts of the eye though! : )

Then I went to visit my mom at NMH not without a quick detour to the new Garrett's where I met the most annoying tourists. They complained about prices of things that they weren't even getting. I wished I could drop kick them back to their home state. You know the type right? Super opinionated halfway upper middle class from Pittsburgh where "this idea of selling popcorn would NEVER last!" It took a good amount of resistance not to turn around and tell them, "PLEASE! RETURN TO PITTSBURGH!" moving on... I relaxed with the mother and knitted more then ventured on to Argo, where I got a free drink. I lurve Argo <3

I made it to my bus (the #36) which I'd never ridden and was on my way! YAY! We got to Clark and I like SPRINTED off because I heard Clark and NOTHING ELSE and thought it was my stop. I was supposed to get off at Clark and Armitage. I got off at Clark and DIVISION. So after bumbling like an idiot I turned back around and lo and behold my BUS WAS STILL THERE! I'm convinced Jesus helped out cuz I would have panicked and forgot that another bus would come... 5 minutes later HA! You live and learn.

I FINALLY made it to Clark and Armitage with the bus driver wishing me, "have a good day young lady." he was so nice i could have hugged him. He didn't make me pay when I got back on! I was just about to find Starbucks when I hear singing. Loud, loud singing. Turns out Ingrid's super fans (mostly known as groupies) were singing all her songs, so I went to stand in line happy that I wasn't alone. When we got inside I figured out that there were NO SEAT NUMBERS and I could sit... anywhere! I tried going front and center on the dance floor but I got shunned by the groupies : (. So I sat and waited for Zack to come with his friends from Olivet. They came (YAY AGAIN) and we got a REALLY good view of the stage on the dance floor. Like I could see Ingrid SO CLEAR.

It was so awesome. It topped Destiny's Child and I say that because I couldn't see Destiny's Child when I saw them (still love you D.C.!!!). She was hilarious and really... AWESOME. It was just the best ever. Now I have a song about Mexican food stuck in my head set to Maybe.

Tip! Don't go to a concert alone. No one goes to a concert alone. I was so tired of waiting for someone to go with, though! I missed like 3 of her Chicago shows, so I just pulled the trigger and went and Zack went as well so I was glad I could meet up with someone eventually. I probably would have stayed front and center if I had someone with me to NOT shun me haha. I will definitely go again whether or not I have someone to go with cuz now I know I can sit, which might be better. I was SO SORE the next day!!!

The concert just affirmed and packed my love for Ingrid's music in quick dry cement. If, one day, you meet me and I have a child named Ingrid or Imogen it's NOT because of any singers. Just. Know.

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