Thursday, October 15, 2009

the low down on the line up

I keep calling this month the Festival of Hats and art. The festival of Harts haha. Well the hats thing is cuz of the overwhelming requests of knit hats since my first endevour soon to be my second-first endevour ha. And art because... we'll let me show you what's happenin!

Othello by the Joffrey Ballet this Saturday. I'm so glad you can't see me typing this because I'm giddier than a 5 year old getting to see Dora the Explorer for the first time. The words "THE JOFFREY BALLET" keep repeating over and over and my ears go fuzzy. I might actually pee my pants. I might bring an extra pair.

Cheap Paper Making Class on the 25th at Columbia - I'm being adventurous! and making paper in rain boots and an apron all day on a Sunday. Sweet.

INGRID FREAKING (BUH-FREAKING!!) MICHAELSON on the 26th. I'm not going with anyone though people I know will be there. I'm SO excited to see her! It's *in a sing-songy voice* awwwwsoooooome!

And while I know this isn't important I'm also getting Aurelio's next week! I've been waiting for it like I've been waiting for Caramel Apple Pops (which I have FINALLY attained) so this is pretty GREAT.

Oh, and Happy Hisperitage Month! (Hispanic Heritage hahaha) : )

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