Sunday, October 25, 2009

cheap cheap!

I am guessing that I will devote an entire post and a half to Ingrid Michaelson alone so I better write about this now.

Today I went down, which is actually up, to Columbia College for a cheap paper making class. How I found out about this? I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and one of the main characters is this paper maker... turns out so is the author. I was surfin' on the interwebz lookin for letterpress classes and stumbled upon this little gem. It was 25 bucks meaning it was PERFECT and it sounded so interesting after reading all about the paper making process.

The class was REALLY cool! Of course, I was nervous. I mapped out my route there and back and there and to Anisha's many, MANY, many times. But I made it there 1 minute late because Sunday trains are pretty horrible haha and we dove right in. I learned what a mold and deckle is - the frame and wire mesh that the fibers of whatever you're making paper into settles onto before you dry it. I learned what 'loft' is - how high the fibers are off the mold and deckle once you strain it through and it determines the thickness of your paper. I also learned what couching is (pronounched coo-ching - who knew?!) - the process of transfering pulpy fibers onto... i forget the name haha it's a giant sheet of wet blotting paper... onto that.

I got a lil creative, ya know within my small creative boundaries. It was at the very end when I started to really want to merge and layer. It was really cool. I made a moustache cut out and I am most excited to get that when it's dried.

I'm pretty 'white bread' when it comes to living and surviving in the city, but I want to branch out so bad. Who wants to live in fear all the time as so many of us do without realizing it? I'm so glad I found this class - I mean who goes downtown on a Sunday to make paper for 6 hours?? That's right... Abby does. I want to do more! Get out more! I'm not at the point where I can take the bus by myself at 12 at night, but who really wants to do that as an act of independence. Don't be stupid.

I met some cool girls there. I did not get any information from them. I'm learning. Most thought processes come AFTER the fact. I'll add that to my list of "how to make friends." I need a friend I can talk to EVERY. DAY. or every two days. I'm just that kind of person. Even if it's hi annnnd bye. Sporadic communication classifies that friendship as *giant ugly stamping sound* "NOT REAL." moving on... mmhmm!

Oh did I tell you I almost got beat up by an old lady? She was kidding (and in my class) but I'm fairly sure she could take me. I will NOT met her in a dark alley.

Now I'm here at ICO with Anies til midnight while she studies/works in the library. I am fairly assured I will finish my hat tonight. I had to remake that sucka. I can't go OUT like that! It will be REBORN like... that one sword in LOTR. Narsil. sweet.

Random thoughts: Who had a massive sale on green carpeting and gave it to every church in America? Cuz I just don't get it! I'll say no more...

After my eardrums and I recover from a night of awesome with Ingrid M. I will post! Be on the lookout! Like the two navy guys in Mary Poppins (who i just realized might have been a liiiittle homosexual). "BANKS! DOOO YOOOU HEAR ME!?!"

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