Monday, June 15, 2009


this isn't to update my weight loss status. that gets a little old after a while... weight loss seems to be the new craze and as much as the world is ensconced with injecting themselves with the pregnancy hormone to boost their metabolisms and eating giant t-bone steaks... i am uh over that. i won't stop working but... you don't need to hear about water weight and mountain climber 

but my neice and nephew were over today and it was a pretty good day. we played in Photobooth which they THOROUGHLY enjoyed and we went to the park. i swung for the first time in ages (i'm watching Pride and Prejudice) and i remembered how my stomach drops and it makes me laugh like a freakin idiot. but i did it anyway. there was idiotic laughter but it produces a genuine kind of joy you kind of forgot when you got older. and we named ourselves the official swing set gold medal champions with medals made of real plastic haha

i had a whole blog planned out but it got interrupted by my one of my favorite cousins, KC, came over... heeeeee makes me laugh is all i can say. anyway i lost my train of thought. it left the station heading 65 miles an hour. 

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