Thursday, May 28, 2009

good morroooow!

I've gotten in the habit of telling everyone "Good 'morrow!" when I see them. It's totally from Scrubs: My Princess episode. Dr. Cox tells a story in 'medieval times' and Zach Braff is the village idiot and instead of saying, "HELLOOOO!" (like you totally just dissed someone HELLOOOO) he'll say "GOOD MORROOOW!" and it stuck. like wet rice on the counter.

hehe. *awkward silence*

ANYWAY my b.f.f's for life forever took me to Bongo Room at 8 freakin o'clock this morning for probably the best food i've ever had. Yeah... I'm on this new track but when White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake PANCAKES are staring you in the face do you gently push the menu away and say, "Bowl of fruit for me please?!?!"
sidebar: if sylvia were here she'd tell me is it worth it? and i'd say HECK YES. sidebar over.
NO you'd say, "Yes I'll have the Nestle Crunch Banana Pancakes please?" mhmm that's what i had. there was creme brulee sauce over it. why. WHY. why. it was the equivalent of... the best massage... and a giant lollipop.

Needless to say this week has been a struggle. I just... how do you end up binging on healthy stuff. who am i freakin' Oprah? Stupid TRADER JOE'S. but anyway that's what happened. me and exercise have been fighting ALL week just back and forth and the BICKERING! oy. we've slept in different beds. it's come to that.

Tonight I'm gonna change it up a little bit. See if that helps. Psh... hopefully next week will be better. gotta regain my focus!

J-MAMAW! (another explanation probably followed by awkward silence so i'll spare you this time)

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