Wednesday, May 20, 2009

see the sun it's so shiny

At the present. The sun has positioned itself to shine perfectly into the headlamp of the Honda in front of Eden... and causing it to reflect RIGHT into my eyes. From the entire front of the shop. Consequently I am crouched down in front of the screen so it doesn't get in my eyes. Also consequently I look like the Hunchbacktress of Notre Dame-I-wish-it-wasn't-so-sunny.

So this all just to say that water weight is NO JOKE! it is out to kill your face off! Do you know how many times I'm planning on working out this week? ELEVEN! eleven times. Before I joined the comps I think I worked out 11 times in a YEAR. Maybe. I've worked out 3 times in a day and a half and I'm UP two pounds! *shakes fist* water weeeight! Why is the female physique so much more complicated than male? *shakes fist again* reproductiiooooon!

Now back to more crafty crouching.

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