Tuesday, March 10, 2009

warning sign

Since starting at Eden I've realized I enjoy working with people. You get all sorts of personality types, quirks, quips, other things that start with "qu-" It's fun dealing with the nice ones... not so much dealing with the snooty ones, but I pray over the clients that walk in beforehand and so far I have not been cursed out! (which I can't say about other g.c's) so that's great.

It's a little difficult dealing with the kooky personalities haha. There was a Jewish princess who really... enjoys... talking about... *breathes in* everything private. And an... otherwise pursuaded couple who... likes checkin out girls as they walk into the shop. I mean you kinda wanna go "oooooo....." haha that's not the way to approach things. They haven't spewed pea soup at you or anything. Their head only reaches a 90 degree angle at most. No need for comments. But I can hope that being in here helps though. Highlight that JUST happened though? Three words. Fire. Safety. Inspection. :0)

I met with a friend yesterday for lunch, hadn't seen her for a while. I can honestly say that graduating with totally change you. She is the type of person who has a concrete plan for life. After graduation is SUPER shifty changy nothing is really... set it's kinda like living in Jell-O for a good 6 months to a year. So instead of wading through the Jell-O like a pro she goes comPLETELY backwards. It's almost like her entire identity is changing because she doesn't have a set plan. It's crazy how a change thats out of your control will change who you are... who you CAN control. BAH life.

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