Wednesday, February 25, 2009

house musak

So I'm waiting for a cut to be done and just a-thinkin'. It's only cuz I HAVE time to think because all my duties are done for the night besides... turning the lights off and leaving.

I'm doing this new (for me) devotional called Sparkling Gems. It's a deep... DELVE into the Bible and how it's really meant to be broken down. I really am enjoying it so far. And! It's 365 days so I don't have to buy a new one next month! sWEET!

New news. I'm apathetic now. Have been for a little bit. Whoo! I mean in terms of... past things past and horrible hurts with certain people. There is no hate or... strong affection there is nothing. I am really enjoying that NOTHING feeling haha because there was so much of one or the other for so long. It's nice not to let myself be affected by every word and detail however minute. I haven't let myself think about what happened either so that helped a lot. But I'm apathetic now. So I think I could really... move forward here but I also could do nothing. And I'd be ok with that! YAAAY!!
*mini wave in celebration! a-wahoo!*

So lately I have made myself drink water. So much water. SO MUCH WATER I pee approximately every 4 seconds. I mean if this were happening without 2 gallons of water pumped through me a day I would say "diabetes!" but there are. 2 gallons. of water. in me. right meow. It's crazy! but I'm starting to actually... ENJOY water. *gasp!* I think someone just fainted. Oh wait it was me. But I KNOW right I NEVER liked water! So I'm very happy

Anyways. I thought I would post when I had something real but seriously it's just a bunch of random stuff strung together

that's life :0)

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