Thursday, March 19, 2009

what DO i like about you?

I finished my scarf! I'm just so excited and I wanted to tell... no one in particular so i posted here haha. i'll put a picture up soon. It's kind of vintage-y. It's a grass green (not celadon, not kelly, not moss) deep double rib called the Cartridge stitch with black satin bows at the ends. I feel like it should be worn with a cute trench coat and a cloche. So if I ever sell my designs one day I will specify how they are to wear it ;0)

I'm also starting these SWEET sleeves (super large... arm warmers) made out of Kidsilk Haze and its like... knitting a whisper. Seriously it's messed up but it'll be so pretty. The OTHER bad thing is somehow my knitting needles are the EXACT same color as the yarn. I don't know how that happened it was the only pair they had and it just turns out that they're the same color. So... you're knitting invisible fluffy whispers. Sweet. It'll turn out ok... 'specially since I painted one needle silver so I could SEE.

Did I tell you I like knitting? I do. Totally do.


  1. yeah you need to stop changing the title of your blog because i never know who you are hahaha

  2. haha i'll change it back... i was thinking of doing that anyway :0)

  3. oooohhhhhhh i like it this way though!



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