Thursday, January 8, 2009

Psalm 4:8 *snores*

the title of this blog is what happens every night when I put on my confession cd and go to bed. I try to repeat them in bed and the first one is Psalm 4:8 - "I will lie down in peace and sleep for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe" and I get to Psalm 4:8 - "I will lie down......." and i'm done. haha I use them to help me sleep faster and BOY does it work. 

Things have been pretty ok lately. I committed to reading the Bible because it saves your life. It IS your life so... why would you NOT read it. And so far good things have occurred. I started interning at church designing. I'm not getting paid but that's ok. I'm designing and WOW it feels good. I rekindled my relationship with the patch, stamp and healing brush... yes. I am in a love square with 3 tools on Photoshop. a SQUARE.

I also may have a job! My aunt works at a salon and spa and they need a front desk worker soooo ya know after training i'm really hoping i don't suck at that! plus it's MONEY and having not spent a CENT since... November... it'll feel good to... buy gas and... buy a 40 cent burrito just cuz i'm crazy about cheap mexican food... haha

Moldy pennies really smell. My car flooded like 2 weeks ago and the carpets are STILL drying out and it started to... smelllll a little bit and i realized a) carpets are still wet because MATS are still wet and b) pennies that got splashed with water have now MOLDED over... and smell. LIFE. haha

Well thats me for now. And no i'm not posting at church/work/not really work. 

i am SUCKING at this comp!! bah!

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