Saturday, January 24, 2009

hollywood swingin!

Good mornin' all... it's 7:40... about 4 hours too early to be awake right now... but alas here i am at Eden Salon and Spa workin at this early hour... did Jesus ever sleep in late when he was on the earth? I just... i mean quick thought thats all...

I've been "Edenized" meaning they attacked my eyebrows finally and gave me a scalp treatment. I think this quote from Ever After sums it up quite nice:
"You look like a girl!"
"That's what I am half-wit!"
"Yeah but today you LOOK it!"
"Girl OR boy I can still whip you!" - that was all from memory *taps head* from me ooold noggin!

I just figured out that coffee does not agree with me at this unearthly early hour... i learned that i CAN use the make-up whilst no one is around... and that i can also post on the internet too haha

I'm dealing with SallieMae at the present (not RIGHT now just at the present)... i finally figured out how to talk to a dang PERSON on the phone.. before they reroute you to India and THEY take your call. But i have deferrment all settled I just have to fax them a letter. I took a survey after i was finished on the phone yesterday and they said *in monotonous automated phone voice* "Based on your survey we have a lot of room to improve!" yes. here's a tip. Stop being in the loan business. People will LOVE you.

I'm going to gush about Psych for a quick second (a nail tech just arrived). I freaking LOVE that show!!! For anyone who enjoys mildly attractive really funny guys that makes them even more attractive WATCH PSYCH. that's all i got haha

Alright for realios i gotta go. we have a spa party comin in today... and... we are an elite spa :0)

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