Monday, January 5, 2009

heartache come again no more

Question for all you who read this...

Did 2008 just SUCK for all of you, or was it just me?

This year sucked it UP! From January to December there was a fair amount of pain, sweat, tears and blood. 
January = depression
February = Stupidity
March = 65 hours in one room CONTINUOUSLY
April = everything fell APART and some... fell together... JANKILY.
May = ok may was fine. graduation, job, birthday. LOVE.
June = finally determined everything was REALLY over. things fell further apart
July = boredom, favortism against me, distance
August = NOOOO JOOOOB. *giant stamp sound*  MORE stupidity (not from me), incessant tiredness, learned to hate the town of Elgin
September = hopeful, searching, more stupidity not from me
October = less hopeful, searching
November = not hopeful, searching
December = panicked, out of everything, searching, crying, praying, laying in bed.

No one was more happy to see 2008 go than me... I wished it well, kicked it out, shook my fist at it in anger and slammed the door in its face. 

Apparently others have the same feelings.

So I say how bout 2009 be AWESOME. Last year was SO bad... horrible transitioning... stupid STUPID people. How about this be a year of... settling down a little bit, forgiveness, remembering that the presence of fear is a lack of trust in God then working on turning that around. How about committing to God, committing to change, committing not letting this year be bad.

I'm ready. *does an I'm Ready dance* 

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