Sunday, June 1, 2008

new aventura en francais

i've decided to learn french... yeah. 

i got cd's from the library and right now i am learning to say 'do you speak english/french?'  'yes/no i can/can't speak/a little french/english sir/madam' hahaha i love it. i sound like a complete idiot but! my skill with imitating and language accents is coming in real handy here. 

i will give periodic updates on new phrases... and whenever i learn "I believe you are in league with the butcher" in spanish, french and portuguese (the native tongue of Holly Golightly for one scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's - all time favorite.) 

i am doing so well! so exciting! i love new languages... i think its civilized to be fluent in other languages... so cool! haha keep up with me make sure i'm still doing this in a month!

je comprends le français! vous comprenez le francais? hahaha

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