Monday, June 30, 2008

Judy Garland vs. Tootie

I went on an actual adventure and have been too dang tired to write about it haha but! never fear i am not so tired now with the strength of Fruit Punch Crystal Lite in me... and kettle corn haha

Thursday: "PETER! WE SLEPT IN!" I got to sleep in for the first time in a while (weekends included) and I still woke up at 7:15 on my own. crazy circus trained body haha. I finally decided just to get up and get ready and THEN veg. and so i did... watched Jim Carrey on Regis and Kelly... then it was roadtrip time! we headed onto Peoria. we took these amazing backroads because Garmin's amazing and i got to see fun towns like Dwight (I do really want to photograph there) and El PASO and Eureka! it was pretty sweet. We made it to Jon's and hung out for like 5 minutes before heading to Taco Bell (the land of cheap good indigestion causing food) and on the road. For a while we were ok just talking about random things like if we made a female counterpart to Hooters. (it would be called sausage and meatballs hahaha) and depressing things like how the economy is going to explode because of global warming or how we were going to start a vineyard. *sigh* heartfelt. the expanse of road from peoria to st. louis is DAUNTING. its just sky. farm. road. skyfarmroad and then they all blend and you're DYING from boredom. forever. I eventually got out the weepies and slept for 20 minutes i just couldn't take it! then finally after deciding that we were going to start a hair salon similar to Hair Force One we were there!
We crashed for like 12 seconds before going to steak n shake for food stuffs. then the guys headed out for Tom Waits and we got movies. Definitely, Maybe = very cute Great Debaters = REALLY good Fool's Gold = why? did you spend the time makin it? ok. and Papa John came along for the ride too haha and took Grapes and Red Velvet Cupcakes with him. It was good! haha by the end of the last movie the boys were home and EVERYONE was sufficiently DEAD.
SLEEP! haha
Friday: I was the first one awake. Wonder of wonders! I am NEVER the first one awake. I swear its my body now! its HORRID. (bad enough to say the word HORRID) I kinda putzed around ate some grapes, journaled a little bit before actually getting dressed. then we headed towards St. Louis. It was a good drive Garmin took us through fun urban parts of the city that you would never see all while listening to Bob Dylan who turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for the ride! It made me feel like I was in the middle of Elizabethtown. I got to see the Arch for the first time which was pretty freaking cool up close. We made it to the City Museum and quickly realized who was running the show inside... CHILDREN. millions of children ok not millions but 1 kid = 4 kids so 200 kids = 800 kids = A MILLION. soooo we left haha. which i was ok with... i can handle kids. 
Then we went over to Rally's (i'm so. hungry) and onto the St. Louis Art Museum which was FREE (aka even better!) it was a nice cozy museum (FREEE) and it was relaxing... the park the museum was in was HUGE and just... gorgeous. parks in the middle of cities are AMAZING. kudos to whoever thought of it. then we saw Wall-E. such a cute movie! see it. everyone. ever. seeit. 
We headed out on the road after the movie. The first part of the drive (appr. 120 miles) was not that bad! a) it was night b) there was Michael Jackson involved. i mean you can't be bored with Michael! no. you can't. oh! and we decided if his music doesn't make you want to dance you have no soul. so... check on that everyone. the drive through rural Illinois was not as exciting when it was daytime... El Paso lost its charm and Eureka lost its exclamation point. The stars however were uncommonly clear... or maybe they're always clear i can just never see them haha. I felt like a little kid staring out the window with my face pressed up against the glass. I could have ridden on the roof of the car happily. FinallyyyyHOME.

It was a good little mini vacation - friday especially. it was just what i needed to get my mind off of EVERYTHING haha... i'm definitely ready to go home TODAY. i haven't seen my family in a while and i like them haha. only two more days. meanwhile i have resorted to Crisis Lockdown Mode and for now its working but i'm sure it won't last longer than next week. *shrugs* for now! CLM. 

til then,

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