Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SLW: nothing compares

- Theodore Roosevelt

Can I just say that I totally saw this quote on Swiss-Miss and jumped on that bandwagon before EVERY other blogger decided to love/blog about this quote? I'm just sayin. Pfft. Bloggers... am I right?

I fell in to a hole the other day. That hole's name is Facebook Stalking. It always starts so harmlessly. You're aimless, mindlessly browsing the FB's and you come across a picture. It's usually not even someone you really KNOW it's a friend of a friend of a FRIEND's picture and then the darkness hits you. That picture led to her profile. Which led to her HUSBAND'S profile. Which led to all of the tears and sudden irrational blame that she stole the life I should have had. Totally harmless.

The reality of her situation is she works for the THE graphic design firm in the country. Like... THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS at all. She found... captured... romantically fell in love with a guy - obviously now her husband - who not only wears glasses, newsboy caps AND PLAID simultaneously but appropriately! (We went to high school together - she was two years my junior)

Then I proceeded to have an adult temper tantrum, which is more or less stacking up offenses against yourself about what you could and could have done, did and didn't do, all while laying in the  middle of the floor with my eyes closed, breathing loudly. It's a place you enter but never really leave...

Eventually I did drag myself up... and into my bed. 

I can't change nor apologize for the life I've chosen to lead. I should celebrate my steps forward not question EVERY LITTLE THING. It's like seeing a pothole in the middle of the road and speeding up to make SURE you hit it. It shouldn't matter what my life is... even if it's truly terrible (which it isn't) I should never compare it to someone else's life. I'm basically asking for a mental breakdown. Also I should just REALLY stay off Facebook. Forever. 


p.s. I was totally feeling Sinead O'Connor-y when I wrote this blog title. Just go with it. 


  1. Um, can I just say...I feel ya. You are not alone. Thank you for posting that you too have fallen into the pothole of dispare that you saw coming like six miles away but just couldn't turn away. Now let us redirect our life frustrations into what we love about our lives and and and yeah. Feel free to share any tips on that matter :)

  2. Can I second this? I feel ya. As always, I love your honesty.



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