Friday, June 28, 2013

Come find me!

First of all let's have a moment of silence for Google Reader's passing - one of many dumb decisions Google has made including the birthing of Google + and Google Glass making everyone look like a tool.

I'll watch the time...

*exhales* Secondly there is good news! You can find me on Feedly, Reeder (which is a free download for iOS and Mac right now!) and Bloglovin' if you dare to keep up with this girl. And by keep up I mean navigating all of my daily emotions. It's a good time right? It's tiring a little bit. We can be real with each other.

By the way... because you totally wanted to know... I'm in the middle of writing letters for apprenticeship request for a few bakeries and my fingers absolutely will not type. I'm here... typing away but as soon as I know something is important I shut down. So I am trying to NOT sound like a 4 year old writing this letter in crayon but it is very difficult. Pray for me.

See you on the other side of Google Reader! and hopefully be back with a few new SLW's soon!

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