Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SLW: laundry day

Apartment living means laundry is shared with strangers. It's usually the only interaction I have with other tenants in the building and I've been living here for 12 years.

Honestly when I do my laundry I forget to take off the clothes I'm wearing and usually end up doing a hot strip in the public laundry area with my butt up against the door just in case a tenant walks in to do their laundry... clothed. Like normal people are clothed.

While in the process of moving, I ran out of underwear because... of course I have. I ran down to put a load in the washer and found myself filling a washer full of someone else's clothes. Turned on the machine and filled it up... OPENED IT and it was... already filled with already washed clothes. Sooo I took them out and attempted to wring them out before semi-folding them. I try to be nice when moving clothes out of the washer/dryer. It's a sensitive issue. Plus I just rewet them. There's that.

Naturally as I'm moving the clothes and folding them... and wringing them out the DUDE (the GUY!) whose laundry this belongs to walks in mid fold.

How things went down...

Me: AH I WAS JUST HAHAHAHAHA TRYING TO HAHA FOLDHAHAHA YOUR CLOTHES CUZ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *as I go away from his clothes I realized a fake nail has come off and is currently residing on top of his shirts*

Dude: mmmm... no it's okay. *wary face*

Me: *hops back to my washer filling to put my clothes in - realizes 90% of the load is UNDERWEAR AND BRAS - I threw away the fake nail discreetly*

Dude: how was your day?

Me: LONG. *cue Debbie Downer trombone* you?

Dude: me too... I work part time as a fireman over in Glenwood and I have a day job - I actually work tonight so... buh.


Dude: yeah... *continues to fill*

Me: *continues to fill... as my bras keep getting STUCK on my laundry basket and all the weirdest underwear days float to the top CONTINUALLY - how are there so many underwear? I must own a thousand days of underwear!*

The guy keeps shooting me weird looks and I just go on about my business until I REMEMBER that I'm not wearing a bra as I decided to wash it. I nod... thinking this is good as my boobs are akimbo. This is normal for me. Find out a hot firefighter dude lives in my building. He understands the special, intricate art of laundry washing. He probably even understands the symbols on the tags. He owns maybe the cutest dog on the planet. This makes sense for me to be bra-less, washing every dirty unmentionable in the world.

C'est la vie.

...and happy Wednesday


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA this was just. so. good.

  2. Please write a book. Please. I am laughing so hard right now!



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