Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SLW: a day in my life

There was one time where I had a crush on 1 boy for my entire life. It was kind of like... violent unrequited love but not really. I would just become nauseous to the point of throwing up whenever in his presence, my knees would get weak, my mouth would dry up, I always had the strangest urge to scream-cry, and basic human functions like breathing became super. difficult. I've liked him since we were 8 and I couldn't make it go away if I TRIED. I'd tell myself he was disgusting and a jerk and an idiot and would be JUST FINE when he wasn't in sight but as soon as he did... you just handed a recovering crack addict a GIANT BAG OF CRACK basically...

Well he's married now - like a second ago this happened. Because of course he is. Perfect specimens of dude always find perfect specimens of girl. And dreams always die. I always exaggerate did you know that? Me and the hyperbole are so tight. 

It just so happens that his mom and my mom are good friends and she visited her the other day... and found out about this blessed union in person. My mother was very happy as she should be... I mean our families grew up together basically. Hence my life long crush. If I had bangs I would blow them out of my eyes in frustration. 

My mom then proceeds to TELL him that I've liked him since I was 8 and that I'll be heartbroken and he's crushed my dreams. Oh... this was a great idea. He's married now! There's no reason why he should know! It ALL MAKES SENSE RIGHT?!... according to my mom. 

*sits down on the ground* this is my life. as a 26 year old lady girl. I say I've accepted it but I haven't - things are ridiculous in my single lady life. The LACK of action is what makes it so. 

I wouldn't have it any other way.


p.s. how many times have you listened to JT's new album? 5 listenings in a row is my tops at the moment. I'm addicted to "Don't Hold the Wall" and "That Girl" - beats and harmonies get meeee... 
p.p.s. - HAPPY 400TH POST!


  1. Bahahahaha oh man, I loved this story. Moms are so embarrassing.

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I am a teenager who loves cooking and baking. Your sense of humor and just authentic-ness blows me away. It's rare to find someone who "tells it like it is" as much as you do. Your blog is a joy to read. Also, you're a Joy the Baker fan. That makes you 10x more awesome :) I'm proud to be your newest subscriber :) -- Erica from Cannella Vita



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