Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A fond memory for any kid is waking up on a weekend with sleep still in your eyes, shuffling into the living room, finding a parent there and getting to be gently loved awake by them rubbing your back or hugging you. As an adult doing this is super weird, I would not recommend it, but sometimes you just want to become awake in the most gentle way.

This morning I made myself a latte bowl of coffee, perfect in it's ratio of cream and sweetener and had a few scones with cream cheese. It was my own version of being gently loved awake. I took in the light in my kitchen, stretched heavenward and thanked God for the day off.

Then Sallie Mae slammed into me by taking all my money. Real life. Such is the life of a single lady. Let it be known that if I ever meet anyone that works for Sallie Mae, though they did not contribute to my current debt, I'll have to punch them at least one good time. It's their fault for being associated.

Life's a balance.

Today I am expending energy in the form of clumsy-this-should-be-filmed Zumba in my living room. Then I'm busting out my calligraphy set my sister got me for Christmas because I finally have the time. Later it's off to Trader Joes to buy MORE of their French Market Lime-ade and Pink Lemonade because it is THE TRUTH. I'm also kind of addicted to their cheese section. Actually I can't stay away from ANY cheese section. Please tell me I'm not alone in my romantic love of cheese. Chèvre. Sexy.

Also I'll be jamming to these all day. Enjoy the bit of sunshine we're having in this cold weather. It is most definitely a pick me up for my favorite day of the week.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love your turn of phrase "gently loved awake."



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