Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SLW: live well

Everyone gets stuck somewhere. Stuck in a job they aren't in love with. Stuck in a creative rut. Stuck in Chicago for the whole HOLE of winter. All those things may have been about myself. But after a while it starts to wear on you. My brain can't actually take another "I wish..." or "..but what if?!" I think it's at max capacity and will collapse at any moment.

It's in those moments when I take extra time to pay attention to the little things. I call that living well.

Making tea and losing myself in how comforting it is to watch the cream blend with the tea. Putting a bit of butter on crusty bread and toasting it on the stove instead of shoving wheat bread in a toaster. How my toes wiggle when I rest them on the little ottoman. My relaxed breathing when I come home from a long shift at work to a peaceful, dark home. Soaking, if only for a moment, in the bathtub to soothe my aching muscles. Just... taking an extra tiny moment and thanking God for everything. How often I forget to do that easy little thing.

I'm not a rich single lady. I don't have any extra money at my disposal. I work so I can live well. Finding a bit of comfort in the middle of a hectic day makes me feel like that day meant something more than JUST work.

Eventually I will find a job I love. I'm making my way out of my rut as we speak and guess what... Spring is coming. The beginning of all things new. There is a fresh breeze around the corner, but in the meantime I will be here, doing my best to live well.

Happy Wednesday.

*sorry for this post of like infinite meanings but I started with the intention of writing something completely different. it happens that way sometimes. too much thought catalog. next weeks will be funny : ) promise*

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  1. Appreciated this post. And thank you for tweeting about Thought Catalog. I have to refrain from tweeting every single post of theirs.



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