Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Once a Night Owl Always...

I seem to be the most awake at night. My body has never been programmed to be asleep early even when I was little. All the best adventures happened at night. Bowls of ice cream were ALWAYS snuck at night. All of my senior show was ONLY created between the hours of 11pm and 3am. Night Owl Bakery (the bakery in my brainz) came into idea being when I realized I bake ONLY AT NIGHT.

It's how I operate.

Tonight I...

- practiced a little brush tip calligraphy while being impatient for my new supplies to get to me (my new endeavor is calligraphy. we'll see how long that lasts... Hopefully I don't grow bored of it cuz it's the most beautiful art. My love of letters hasn't gone away so we will see...)

- killed a fly using the most stealthy of tactics. Standing on my bed. Turned into jumping on my bed. Turned into some kind of Bollywood shakedown dancing ON MY BED. But that fly is DEAD.

- ate Cocoa Puffs. 

- found out I really like Sierra Mist Cranberry

- started organizing my iTunes library for REAL

Honestly I make no sense. But all of these activities seem okay to do... right now. 

I know there are other night owls like me out there right??

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